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Lyfestyle Fytness & Behavior Rehab Therapy is on a mission to help individuals make major changes in their lives by identifying negative behaviors that impact purpose, growth, positive relationships, health and daily living. Improve individuals will impact change in communities alike. 

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About Brenton Kenyon

Brenton Kenyon is a Behavior Coach based in South Florida. Brenton offers behavioral rehab therapy and personal training for children as well as adults nationwide through his business, Lyfestyle Fytness and Behavioral
Rehab Therapy LLC. He has intertwined both disciplines in order to create a cutting edge program. Brenton has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis. In addition to his education, Brenton has over 10 years of hands-on experience.
He has experience working with people from all walks of life. He helps to transform them in order for them to reach their greatest potential.

Some clients feel happy with us.

LFBRT enjoys the feedback of our satsified clients.It’s our pleasure to provide our services!

"I can wholeheartedly recommend BK."

I met Brenton because he has an infectious laugh. I began training with him because he was willing to tackle a challenge. BK focuses on his client and gives you the singular attention that your specific situation requires. He works with you to achieve your goals by developing a program that addresses your needs and your body. His experience and knowledge allows him to easily modify a workout to fit an individual’s need. I have focused on BK’s skills at modification because I have a rare condition that demands a full understanding of how the body functions in order to strengthen and develop my muscles without injury. Brenton has that understanding. Scheduling happens easily and your time is never treated cavalierly. I can wholeheartedly recommend BK.

Gerry Smith

Gerry Smith


"By the grace of God I met Brenton"

I have some health problems that prevent me from exercising like I want to (former athlete who has had knee surgery). I pretty much gave up on being able to ever jog or play basketball again and I’m in my 30’s….by the grace of God I met Brenton at a local Lauderhill park! I told him about my exercise restrictions and he created a custom workout for me. The workouts are always extremely challenging…but doable! Since starting on my fitness and health journey I’ve dropped several dress sizes and can actually jog and do jumping jacks again. It’s also nice to have the flexibility to work out at our beautiful Lauderhill parks or when I’m on the road do virtual workouts. Thanks for all you do Brenton!!!

Toya Glenn


Learn more about our Behavior and Fitness Coaching

Lyfestyle Fytness and Behavioral Rehab Therapy the overall Transformational Program is the ability to Transform Mentally, Behaviors, and Physically in combine sessions. We offer Fitness coaching as a stand-alone session or in combination with the behavior coaching. 

Transformation starts with the first step, so let's take the first step